Can you make something with me?

Sam The Anti-Preemie playing with irene
This morning was magical. No seriously. Magical.

I was in the kitchen getting breakfast made when I first hear it. It was faint and in the distance. Then it got louder.

Giggling. Lots of giggling. And not just one voice, but two. The giggling was then followed by a conversation. Again, not a one voice conversation, but two voices.

And it hit me. The kids were playing.


To many, this is a normal morning. But in my house, this was not something that happened often.

I tried not to interrupt. But I couldn’t manage to sneak up on them. Sam saw me.

“Go away mommy. I’m playing with sissy”

I almost cried with joy at his dismissal. He didn’t want me to break up the fun.

As soon as breakfast was over, Sam ran over to his sister, touched her arm, looked right into her eyes and said “Can you make something with me?”

And like that, the two kids took off downstairs to play with Sam’s pretend kitchen.


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