Crazy couple of days

Sam’s due date (aka his “re-birthday”) has come and gone, and to celebrate, Sam has been growing like a weed!  In the past 9 days Sam has gained 14 ounces!  He now weighs a hefty 6lbs 9.2 ounces.  To quote my friend Gwen, Sam is solid.  He just feels like a normal, healthy, stocky baby with a nice bit of meat on his bones.

Aside from growing and eating, Sam has been spending time with a lot of visiting family members meeting including:

Tio Brian, who flew all the way from Africa to meet his nephew:

Great Grandfather (aka Super Yayo) and one of the two Samuel namesakes:

And, of course, no visit with Super Yayo is complete without Super Miriam:

Sam did great with all the different people around and being passed from person to person.  (Oh- for those in the family that are wondering, Papa held Sam for 26 seconds… is that a new record?)

All of this craziness was capped today with an event I would love to forget: circumcision!  Now I know why this is usually done in the hospital, away from the parents.  Not something I would suggest you watch- especially the dad’s out there.  Peter came very very close to passing out as he watched.  I am glad it is over, but a stiff drink will be in order for all!

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  1. Linda Goldfarb says:

    Sam’s progress is so impressive. He looks fantastic! Tell Yaya we said “hi!” 

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