Day 24: October 10

Well, if yesterday was bad, today was just terrible.  While Peter and I were visiting Sam, he had another terrible apnea event and had to be bagged.  Even though he was not crashing, they called in the crash team.  Seeing hoards of nurses and doctors running into my son’s room was enough to set off a panic attack.  He recovered, but continued to decline the rest of the day.  He kidneys are not producing urine again and his blood count is also down.  So they have been giving him medicine to stimulate the kidneys and a blood transfusion to help his blood count.

At 9 pm, I got a call from the hospital that he has had a bunch more apnea events and they need to reintubate him.  I know this often happens, and I think the rest will be good for him.  Even with all that knowledge, I can’t help but wonder when this decline will turn around.  We need a good day, and we need it now.

Sorry- but no pictures again today.

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  1. Jennifer Lieberman says:

    I think it safe to speak for all of us reading this blog that you have our love, support, and prayers. Mine are particularly dialed in on wee Sam sending him a huge cloud of restful support and the energy for growing. You all are incredible.

  2. Hoping with all my heart for a good day for you all tomorrow. Sending love…

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