Day 58, Novemeber 13

Another Saturday, another full Harris-Odum family visit at Alta Bates.  It just warms my heart when Irene asks if she can go see Sam!  It also made Peter’s day as it meant he would get to see his son.   And his son could see him:

Sam taking a look at his daddy

Here are a few other images and one video from today:

Peter and his kids

Sam ... through the looking glass

Eyes open

Passed out after eating from mommy and my regular feed

And now for your interactive moment of zen:

Insert your caption in the comments section below

For those wondering, Peter’s caption (which will be hard to beat) is: Pardon me, but do you have any gray poop on?

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  1. Linda Goldfarb says:

    Caption contest entry!

    “But Irene promised I could come out and play with her today !”

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