Day 59: November 14

A few big things happened today:

  1. Irene has entered into new territory… visiting her brother two days in a row!

    Irene reaching for a little hand holding

  2. Sam felt sun on his skin for the first time ever:
  3. Sam had one of his best breastfeeding sessions to date.  He latched on, stayed awake, and really got a good amount of milk for someone so young.  (10 MLs we are sure of, but it may have been more).  After all that breastfeeding and the gavage feed… Sam was pooped out:

    After a good 30 minute breastfeeding session

  4. After 58 days in Nursery 2, Sam has been promoted to nursery 3!  He is still in the NICU, but her has been moved to the part of the NICU for babies that stable and just need to grow so they can go home.  This is a really big change and a pretty big deal for Sam and us.  The best part of all is I was able to get the spot in Nursery 3 I wanted… Bennett’s old spot.  We have a view, are by the window, and have good juju from our little friend Bennett!  Now, I just need to make sure that all of Sam’s nurses will follow him back to nursery 3!

Today’s moment of zen is dedicated to Irene.  She is such a brave and wonderful big sister!  So, without further adieu.. I give you a photo and video of Irene:

Irene spending time with the scent doll

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