Day 60: November 15

Wow.  I am still speechless from the events of today.  At around 1:45 I was starting to get things ready to hold Sam when I noticed that his nose cannula’s were not staying in his nose, but he was still having really good oxygenation.  When the team came to his room for rounds, I pointed out to Theresa that Sam had been without his cannula for 15 minutes but was sating at 95.  She told the nurse that as opposed to fixing the cannula to just remove it.  Just like that!  Was are not 6.5 hours in and Sam is doing great with no oxygen!  Its a miracle!

Add to that his afternoon nurse, who apparently is the lead discharge specialist, is betting that Sam will be home in 3-4 weeks.  Holy crap!  There might be an end to my imprisonment in the NICU and it is closer than I could ever had imagined.

I know I need a moment of zen!

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  1. Melissa S. says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! You are going to have a baby at home before you know it.

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