Day 64: November 19

Not too much new in Sam’s world.  He is just doing so well- especially now that the cannula is off.  Its funny, but without the cannula the number of brady and apnea events has really dropped off.

Here are today’s highlights:

  1. Sam now weighs 3 pounds 14.8 ounces.  I am confident that he will be 4 pounds by Monday- especially since Sam is gaining an ounce a day.
  2. He is so big, that his feeds have been upped to 36 MLs every 3 hours.
  3. The breastfeeding sessions have been more nap time than chow time… until this morning.  Sam latched on like a champ and ate for a good 20 min.  Everyone keeps telling me that next week should be the week that he really starts to feed even more.

One great thing with Sam getting bigger is he is now awake a bit more and his personality is starting to come out… as seen in this montage of the many faces of Sam: (click any images to see a larger view)

And for your viewing pleasure, the live action faces of Sam (aka your moment of zen):

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