Day 80: December 5

Yesterday felt a bit like I may have hit bottom. Of course writing a blog post at 1:30 am is never a good idea! In any event, in the light of day and with a bit of sleep, i woke up feeling a bit better than the night before. I know I worried a number of people. Sorry about that. I just let my emotions out- and I honestly think it helped. Well, that and the fact that Sam had a much better day.

By the time Peter, Irene and I got to Alta Bates, Sam was pretty alert and hungry. After just a little prodding, I was ablentongwt him to latch for a good 40 minute feed. He fed again at 8:30 this evening. Nothing can bring mama out of a funk like a happy, alert, active and hungry Sam!

I will try to build on the positive energy from today. Here are a few great pics Peter took while we were visiting:

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