Day 85: December 10

Sam is on a roll.  Aside from the good report from the eye doctor yesterday, here are a few of his accomplishments:

  1. It has now been 3 days since his last brady (and counting)
  2. He has been able to maintain his body temperature for the past 2.5 days (and counting)
  3. He gain 4 ounces in one day.  (Yes- a bunch of it was probably poop as he was a bit clogged… but still).  That gain puts him at 5 pound .06 ounces.
  4. Sam had his first bottle last night and did great!  He ate 1 ounce by bottle and probably could have had more but they didn’t want to tire him out.
  5. He breastfed twice today

Going forward, Sam’s feeds will be broken out into breastfeeding, bottle and gavage.   Once he is doing well with bottle and breast they will discontinue the gavage feeds.  Assuming he continues to gain weight, the NG tube will be removed and we will be sent home!  No idea how long this will take… but there is light up ahead and for the first time in a while… I can see it!

Here are a few zen-like photos from today



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