Day 91: December 16 (Happy 3 month birthday!)

The countdown is in full swing!  Sam is set to go home in 4 days unless he has a brady.  So far… so good.  Every single test Sam needs to pass before he can go home he has now passed:

  1. Hearing test: check!  Passed with flying colors
  2. All feeds taken from breast or bottle: check!
  3. Final brain ultrasound: check!  Passed with flying colors
  4. Car seat test: check!  Passed with flying colors

Today, Sam had a great alert period sandwiched in between the longest breast feeding session of all time (he nursed off and on for 2 hours!).  To share with all of the Sam fans out there, I captured a little video of Sam while he was so alert:

And here is the photo moment of zen:

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  1. Linda Goldfarb says:


  2. Yeah!

  3. Sam’s ready to fly!

  4. I just realized that users could “click” on the “3 comment” and add their own. What’s my problem? So glad to see he is alert and super-snug ready for the trip home!

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