Jan 29-Feb 10

My last post was a bit down. What can I say, its hard being a mom to a preemie. I am trying to do better about getting out of the house but it is still hard and isolating. For those that read my last post and have reached out, thank you. It really did help!

The past two weeks for Sam have been filled with eating and growing. In fact, over a 9 day period, my little piggy gained 20 ounces. Yes, you read that right, 20. The ideal is for him to gain an ounce a day. Sam has crossed into the 10 pound territory, and is now starting to sport his third chin.

Sam has also really discovered his voice, and lets you know how pissed off he is when you do something he does not like… like putting him down. He is more tolerant of Peter putting him down than he is of me putting him down. My days are filled holding a baby who is unable to relax as he is filled with fear that I will dare to put him in a bed, bouncy seat or swing. I think yesterday was an all time low frustration wise with Sam as not only would he not let me put him down, he would only sleep for a few minutes and then wake up and start rooting. If he wasn’t gaining so much weight, I would be worried about my milk supply.

Anyway- here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks:

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  1. Lisa Harter says:

    Melissa, I am free most Mondays because of my current work schedule. I’d love to drop by for a visit sometime, but also want you to know that I am just a call a way if you need anything. I can drop by & do whatever needs to be done — pick up dry cleaning, wash dishes, do laundry, you name it. You’re sounding a little overwhelmed so I just wanted to offer up some company and help.
    Love ya, Lisa

  2. Linda Goldfarb says:

    What an honor it was to meet Super Sam. The gaggle of girls that came and went during your and Grandma Wendy’s visit all thought he was an amazing and handsome little man. We hope to see you again soon. Love Linda and family

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