Jan 6-Jan 13

Now it is all coming back to me… the sleep deprivation, the inability to get anything done, the life changes that happen with a new born.  Don’t get me wrong, having Sam home is fantastic, but my god am I tired.  My little angel is a very noisy sleeper… when he sleeps.  Otherwise, he is often cluster feeding from 2-6 am.  As all new parents say, he’s lucy he’s cute!

Things are going really well.  Irene is getting more and more adjusted to the new family dynamic.  We are hearing less often about how we need to pay attention to her.  That is not to say all is perfect.  There are still moments of acting out- here and at school.  Just yesterday, I was pulled aside from the woman that runs the aftercare program as Irene has punched her best friend for cutting in line.  We had gone a full week and a half back at school without incident… here’s hoping we can go longer next time!

Sam is still doing great.  He is really putting on the pounds.  As of Tuesday, he crossed the 7 pound mark and weighed in at 7 lbs 1 oz.  He is still a perfect blend of newborn and 4 month old baby.  We are starting to get more alert periods where he is up and looking around and being cute as opposed to either eating or sleeping.  As far as we can tell, his personality is totally different from Irene’s.  He is quiet and calm, watching the world move around him as opposed to trying to control the world and make it move how he wants it to move.  It will be interesting to see if that changes as he gets older.  One thing that is new form my last post is that Sam is finally starting to find his voice.  Granted he either sounds like Woody Woodpecker, a goat, my grandfather or a cat being strangled… but at least he has sounds!  We ever heard him do a real normal newborn cry (granted he was getting a shot at the time… but still!).

Even though we have a a ban on going to indoor public locations, we have gone out a little with Sam.  We make sure to keep him in his car seat with a blanket over him and all of us basically bath in hand sanitizer every 5 minutes.  What our doctor has told us is that having Sam in an indoor public location isn’t really the issue, its all of us and what we might touch.  So, hand washing and hand sanitizer are just a way of life for us until April or May.  Its not a bad habit to get into anyway, it is just doing a number on my nails and skin!

Here are a few pics from the past week:

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  1. Linda Goldfarb says:

    Isn’t it good to be having the hectic life a new baby brings?! Enjoy!

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