Nebulizers, Weddings and Tooth extractions

Since Sam’s second birthday, things have been a whirlwind around here. Sam got really sick and had to begin a course of steroids and albuterol.  Then, my brother, who currently lives in Peru, arrived for a visit.  His visit was tied to a big family wedding down in Monterrey.  Once Brian left, we had a week of quiet before Peter got really sick, and then, just as he recovered, it was time for Irene to have FOUR teeth pulled.  In between, we have managed a few smiles, a bunch of tears, lots of sneezes, and a number of good photo ops.

  • Irene and her Tio
  • Watch your fingers!
  • Peter and Sam sampling the ice cream sandwiches at Katie\'s rehersal dinner
  • Cousins preparing for a kayaking trip
  • Some of the wedding guests/kayaking party
  • Yayo and Tio before the kayaking trip
  • Me and Irene waiting for our kayak assignment
  • Me and Irene getting into our kayak
  • Brian and Super Miriam heading to the beach wedding
  • Yayo and Super Yayo heading to the beach wedding
  • Sam in his wedding best
  • Sam sampling cherrios before the wedding
  • Irene and Cousin Abby plotting
  • Irene and Cousin Abby putting their plan in motion
  • Irene at her best
  • Irene and Cousin Abby hamming it up
  • Irene and Cousin Abby hamming it up before the wedding
  • Irene and Cousin Abby at the reception
  • Four generations of Harris men: Yayo, Jonah, Aaron, Super Yayo, Tio and Sam
  • Sam sporting his preemie pride shirt
  • After having four teeth pulled, Irene wrote a note to the tooh fairy

And for your listening pleasure… Sam has started singing the “A,B,C’s” and I, although biased, think it is adorable!

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