One year ago today… part 5

One year ago today, as I lay in trendelenberg, suffering from headaches and back aches, I celebrated.  For it was on this day one year ago that I crossed the magical 24-week mark, and my baby went from having almost no chance of survival to a 40% chance of survival.  For 4 days, I lay in my bed focused on making it to this mark.  And when I made it, for just a moment, I celebrated.

As I sit here today, one year later, with my beautiful 20 pound anti-preemie crawling around me, I choose to celebrate again.  But today I am celebrating my husband, who made the most gut wrenching decisions on what to do (largely by himself) and he was right on each and every decision he made.  Without Peter’s strength and faith in me and our baby, Sam would not be here.  So here is to you Peter.  Thank you for being right.

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