One year ago today… (part 6)… and Happy Neonatal Nurse Appreciation Day

One year ago today, the euphoria of reaching 24 weeks started to wane as my contractions started to increase.  Then, in the blink of an eye, the euphoria was gone as it was discovered I was leaking amniotic fluid and was now in danger of having my sac rupture with just the slightest movement.  The one memory of that day that will forever be burned into my memory is this:

My friend Jennifer L. came to visit me and like an angel, she brought with her a beautiful sampling of treats from Arizmendi- including a lovely wild mushroom pizza.  As we talked, I munched on a cheese roll and a slice.  I carefully ate my way around the crust, leaving those last few perfect bites for the end.  You know the ones.  The crunchy crust with a little bit of cheese baked into it.  Just as I was getting to those bites, my doctor walked in and yelled at me to put the pizza down.  Apparently, my situation was dire enough that there was a chance i would need an emergency c-section, which would require a general, which would mean an empty stomach.  And like that, my perfect bite was in the trash, and the tone for the day was set.

Now, one year later, a new memory will forever be etched into my brain… that of walking into Sam’s room to get him up from his nap to find him standing in his crib.  Thanks Sammy for reminding me what a stud you are.

Not to be overshadowed, today is national Neonatal Nurse appreciation day. Just thinking of how many nurses there are to love and thank is almost too much.  For those that may have missed the post, here is the letter of thanks I wrote the night before Sam came home.  I think it is worth a second read on this special day.

And just in case I am not clear… Laura R, Laura C, JoAnne, Rochelle, Gay, Pam, Margaret, Tegest, and everyone who I have so rudely forgotten- we LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU today and everyday.  Thank you for doing what you do.  You are all heroes.

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