Sam’s latest developments

Despite my fears that something is going to show up that is horribly wrong with Sam… he has been progressing and developing like a champ.  Lately, his biggest area of development is speech.  He has decided to skip over the easy words and moved on to more complex ones: chicken, again, monkey, butt down, and many many more.

See for yourself:

Aside from huge strides in his verbal development, Sam is starting to walk. I mean really walk. Not just one or two steps. No. Sam is walking from one room to the next. He doesn’t do it every time, but it has been done. I have tried to capture a video of it, but he likes the camera so much he always drops down to crawl over since he is faster on his knees than on his feet.

Here are a few shots of Sam’s walking in action:

Sam the Anti-Preemie walking

The walk begins

Sam the Anti-Preemie walking

Making tracks

Sam the Anti-Preemie walking

Almost there

Sam the Anti-Preemie rests

Safe landing after a walk

Knowing that pictures just don’t do the walking justice….

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  1. Betty Odum says:

    I love seeing the pictures of Sam, walking. I’m also proud of Irene, who stands by ready to help but holds back and seems ready to celebrate Sam’s achievement. Irene has had quite a year!


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