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Sam the Anti-Preemie: Irene's WIsh

Irene’s Wish

Some days, I forget about how Sam’s Autism (and former preemie status) has impacted Irene. She has had to give up a lot for her little brother. More than most of us. And more often than not, she has done this quietly and without complaint. Because of the maturity that Irene has shown, I sometimes forget how all of this must be impacting her.

I forget that she has lost.

I forget that she has suffered.

I forget that she IS suffering.

And then – she goes and does something that is… beyond words. For Irene’s class auction item, the third graders have made a wishing tree. Irene’s wish might be the most powerful and moving thing I have ever read (yes – i am biased… but I was not the first mom to notice it!) The image above is Irene’s wish – but just in case you couldn’t read it… Irene says:

“I wish all kids with disorders will
wake up one morning healthy.”

And like that, I worry about her a little less and a little more.  Either way, this girl of mine may sometimes be in the background with Sam… but never will she be in the shadows.

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