The Therapy Fund | Vol 3 | The Art of Artichoking

Sam the Anti-Preemie
This week, the therapy fund contribution is 100% for me.

I am now 20+ months into breastfeeding my son. Of course, the first 3 months all pumping until Sam was old enough to latch and then strong enough to breastfeed all of his meals. But, ever since he came home from the hospital, Sam has refused a bottle (unless from the nanny) so he has spent lots and lots of time attached to my boobs. With my first child, I never really had to go through teething and breastfeeding, as my daughter rejected the boob for the bottle at just 6 month old. So, when Sam first got teeth, I was so worried about how it would feel. Luckily, Sam was a good baby, and never abused me or my nipples.

Until now.

In the past two weeks Sam has begun to treat my nipple like artichoke leaves. As he pulls off the nipple, he will look at me, give me a huge smile and say as sweetly as possible “done”. Sometime, he tries to relatch, just so he can artichoke me a second time. (Yes – i have decided to turn artichoke into a verb). The coincidence of the timing of this new technique to the sleep training we have been doing is not lost on me. I do not care. It hurts when Sam artichokes me. It hurts a LOT. It hurts so much, that Peter has begun a campaign around the house called “Wean Baby Wean”.

I am starting to think he may be on to something.

Have you ever had to deal with a kid that treated your nipple like an artichoke? How did you handle it?

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