When does the worry and fear end?

I know. I know. You never really stop worrying about your kids. That is the burden every parent must carry. What I am talking about is the overwhelming, soul crushing fear that something terrible will go wrong. After all, preemies are so fragile when they come into this world. Every day- hell every hour- brings something new and scary. It’s hard to just turn that off.

For me, the first month of Sam’s life was like being on a terrifying roller coaster that did nothing but climb up and then free fall 100s of feet before climbing back up.

Things have been good for so long now, that the fear of the drop has been building up in me. It’s too hard for me to believe that this is it. All the medical fears are behind us and Sam is going to be ok. It just seems impossible. Yet, here we are, 7 months after coming home from the hospital and all is good.

So I ask you- when will the fear go away?

Just to make sure I end on a happy note… here is a clip of our Strong Man shot today:

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