Blindsided by an IEP

I knew it was coming. Every three years, children with an IEP in the Oakland Unified School District have a major review of eligibility. Besides, Sam will be entering kindergarten (holy shit!) in the fall, and I figured the IEP they did for Sam when he was three would need to be updated. … [Read More...]

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Sharing Insights On My 5th World Prematurity Day As a Preemie Parent

I "celebrated" my first World Prematurity Day in the NICU. Sam was just two months old actual and was on his second full day of being off oxygen support. A lot has changed since that day, and I thought I would take a moment and reflect back on the five main things I have learned in the past five … [Read More...]

Stop treating him like he is different

Last night, in a discussion with a friend, I was told I needed to stop treating Sam like he is different.  Now, I can't stop thinking about this. Sam has been different since the day he was born: He was only 24 weeks at birth, but was considered large for his "age". He was off the vent in … [Read More...]

What’s One More Therapist

When Sam graduated from the NICU, we were lucky. Aside from our pediatrician, Sam only had one specialist, a retinoligist That didn't last long. Pretty soon we added in the developmental playgroup (which came with an OT and a PT), the high risk infant follow up clinic, a weekly visiting nurse, … [Read More...]