Sam The Anti-Preemie playing with irene

Can you make something with me?

This morning was magical. No seriously. Magical. I was in the kitchen getting breakfast made when I first hear it. It was faint and in the distance. Then it got louder. Giggling. Lots of giggling. And not just one voice, but two. The giggling was then followed by a conversation. Again, … [Read More...]

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Sam the Anti-Preemie: Potty Training

Potty Training with Three Strikes Against You

Potty training is something many parents fear. Hundreds, if not thousands, of books are dedicated to helping ease the transition from diaper to potty. There are even "How To" videos on the subject. There are also the antidotal horror stories people are more than willing to share with you when … [Read More...]


Vaccinations, Autism and the Immunocompromised

Dangerous territory... I know. I may offend some of you. I may not. But I feel I have to put this out there. I am approaching this topic as the parent to a vaccinated child who has autism and a weaker immune system than some. Before you go "Aha! Vaccinated and Autistic.. Aha!", let me be … [Read More...]

Sam the Anti-Preemie: Happy as a clam

Advantages of Autism

Everyone always focuses on the negatives of an autism diagnosis. Myself included. So today I figure I will focus on the positives of an autism diagnosis. Autism is not a fatal diagnosis. Yes it does mean a very difficult road ahead but at the end of that difficult road is life. My child will … [Read More...]