Day 71: November 26 (Happy birthday Yayo)

As if one Thanksgiving was not enough, we celebrated again today with a combination Thanksgiving dinner with the Rosenberg/Ross clan / Alan Harris birthday.  All in all a great day.

Went to the hospital at 11 to see if Sam would breast feed.  Dad joined me so he could spend some of his birthday with his grandson.  I was able to capture a little bonding between the two men:

Yayo and Sam - a little bonding

After that visit, we went out to lunch where Irene (and Peter) surprised Yayo to help celebrate.  From there, we had to get the house ready for our 2nd thanksgiving dinner.  This was a nice simple affair with too much food and good company.  After eating too much, my mom and I went back to the hospital for another try at breastfeeding.  This one was much more successful.  He latched and gulped so loud my mom and his nurse could hear.  The scale said he lost weight (of course) but we all know he ate!  After feeding I had to pump, so mom got to snuggle with Sam:

Tutu snuggles

For those wondering, Sam gained 80 grams (or over 2 ounces!) yesterday and is now weighing in at 4 lbs 7.8 ounces.

[Since I am unable to pick a zen picture between my parents I am going to pass on a moment of zen for tonight]

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