Day 75: November 30 (35 weeks gestational age)

Today was a long day in the NICU.  I got there at 10:30 and didn’t leave until 9 pm.  Part of the time, Peter and I were attending Infant CPR/Discharge class.  Didn’t really learn anything new- but it was good to get the class out of the way.

The main development of the day was we finally got Sam to eat.  First, we withheld one of his feeds, then we figured out that I needed to use a nipple shield.  The combo of the two caused him to latch and eat like a champ… once.  Not sure what the long term solution is- we can’t withhold feeds from him all the time. I guess once the surgery is over, I will talk with the doctor to see if we can figure out a solution.

Other than that, Sam is still having some issues maintaining his body temperature and by the end of my stay today, he was having a number of little bradys.  Hopefully when he gets to 5 pounds, all of these issues will take care of himself.

Here is your moment of zen:

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