One year ago today – part 2

I meant to post this this morning…alas…

One year ago today, I woke up in a hospital bed, tilted at a 30-degree angle, being pumped full of magnesium sulfate, with all the blood rushing to my head, so overwhelmed that I didn’t even realize it was 9/11.  As I lay there, listening to the sounds of my mom and Peter snoring in unison, all of my thoughts and energy were on holding my baby in.  It was on this day that I met a doctor I will forever call Dr. Doom – for he was the most negative man I had ever met.  It was also on this day that an angel named Margaret McManus – a nurse extraordinaire- was sent to my room to help me stay calm through visualization techniques.  I am so grateful that we were able to ignore Dr. Doom’s insistence that we terminate the pregnancy and that Margaret gave me the tools I needed (and used for 5 more days) to keep myself centered and calm.

Today, I spent the day in Tilden park with my family, feeding cows and goats at Little Farm, taking a walk around Jewel Lake, riding the 100 year old Merry-Go-Round and generally enjoying the triumph that is our FOUR person family.

I guess you could say on the emotional roller coaster that I am riding this week before Sam’s birthday… i am on an upswing, becuase today was a pretty good day.


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  1. Thank goodness for that lovely nurse and your beautiful family of four. A day to be thankful, indeed.

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