Day 14 (aka week 2!): September 30

After a rough day yesterday, I woke up with all my fingers crossed that Sam would be having a better day today. I was not sure I could take it emotionally if today was another rough one. Lucky for me, he had a good night, and his kidney function was a bit better in the morning. The doctor felt that he was stable enough to give him the first dose of Indicin. Hopefully, the Indicin will close that PDA right away, and Sam will start to improve and they can advance his feedings, etc. Of course, while on the Indicin, they cut all milk feeding out.

After the call from the doc, I took it a little easy, and enjoyed a really nice visit from Nim (thanks for the yummy donuts!). It was so nice to have a friend over for chit chat and the like. From there, Lisa Harter came over to drive me to the hospital and meet Sam. We got there to find Sam pretty alert, with his eye open looking around, taking things in:

Checking out the scene

After a quick talk with Laura about how Sam was doing, I decided it was time for big sister to come back and see her little brother.  Once again, my fantastic parents leapt into action, picked Irene up at school and brought her to the hospital around 3:30.  I wish I had a video of Irene prancing into the NICU so excited to see her brother, give him the blanket she had been sleeping and show him the heart she had made for him.  Hopefully these pictures will do:

The proud big sister

Big sister saying hello to Sam

Irene trying to show Sam the heart she made him

We were lucky to have the entire family gathered in once place so we were able to snap a few family pictures:

All the Harris-Odum's

So- in summary… Sam had a good day, he started his medication for the PDA, his kidney’s showed improvement, Irene got time with her brother, I got a nice cuddle with Sam, Peter got to spend some quality time with his son… I guess you could say that today was a good day.  Fingers crossed that tomorrow will bring more of the same.

And now for your double does of zen… brought to you by Sam’s open eye:

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  1. Hey gang; so, so, so good to see you all together and smiling and having a better day than yesterday. 🙂 You’re not the only weepy one, M – you’re keeping us all on our toes and to happy tears with your updates. I can’t even imagine how much prayer and love is going out to that little guy. Just seeing him each day brings a smile for all of us. He’s such a fighter, just like his mom and family. We love you guys and are sending Sam grow big and strong thoughts every day. much love – d

  2. Keep up the good news! Love you! Steponme

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