Day 21 (aka Week 3): October 7

Well- today was a day of contrasts.  Some of the highest highs to date and one of the lowest lows.

The day at the hospital started for me at 10:30 am.  I got there and Sam was looking good.  He was pretty stable- and according to his nurse, he had 4 bardy’s overnight but all of them were self correcting.  According to her- Sam was looking good!  He was so good that they had decided to give him a run at the nose cannulas.  This would be  huge step for him and would mean mom would get a chance to see his beautiful face.  The respiratory team told me to have low expectations.  A baby of his age and size usually is not ready for the cannulas, but it was good to give it a shot.

They got the CPAP mask off and replaced it with the cannulas.

What a difference- you can see my face!

Sam only lasted about 25 minutes on the cannulas (they call this a “sprint”) but that was 24 more than I thought he would last.  Honestly, it may be too early for him to be doing this, but I loved every second of it!

From the high of the cannulas, things started to get a bit tougher.  First, Sam had to have his third spinal tap in three days.  This time they were able to get a clean sample- and the preliminary results were mixed.  They will till do a culture on it, but in the mean time, Sam will stay on the broad spectrum antibiotics for 10 days as well as start an anti-fungal medication.  Apparently being on a broad spectrum antibiotic makes you susceptible to a fungal infection, which can be really dangerous.  If its not one thing its another!

The biggest issue of the day, however, were Sam’s kidneys.  It turns out he had not peed since last night- and this was really starting to worry the doctor, nurses and Theresa.  Their concern had me concerned, and then they really scared us.  We had our team meeting today and Peter asked them to put their concern into terms we could understand.  The doctor basically told us if Sam didn’t pee in the next 24-48 hours this would be bad… really bad… like could be fatal bad.  Yes- she used the “F” word.  Well, that was it.  I made up my mind that I would not leave the hospital until Sam peed.  I didn’t care how long that would be.  I needed to see him pee.  By 6 pm… still no pee.  That’s when I lost it.  The facade I had erected crumbled.  My mom flew in to the rescue.  then, at 7:45 pm he finally peed.  Who knows if it was the fluids, the meds or what… but that little stinker peed.  I wasn’t able to leave him until 10 pm.

We have no idea why his kidneys are going back and forth between working and not working.  This is something that needs to be resolved- as it is really scary and I am sick and tired of scary.  I NEVER want another meeting where the doctor brings out the “F” word.  EVER.

So, as I said earlier- a day of the highest highs and the lowest lows.

And now for your moment of zen- brought to you by a “sprint”:

Look at my face and my head of blond hair!

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