Day 32: October 18

As today is big sisters birthday, I will keep this post short and sweet.  Sam is doing great.  He now weight 2 lbs 5.2 ozs and measures a whopping 13.97 inches.  His feeds have been increased from 2 MLs every 3 hours to 4 MLs every 3 hours, with the hope that they will increase again tomorrow.  Theresa, who was out all last week, can not get over how great he looks- especially after the crappy week he had last week.

Full body view

Cuddle view

Hand close-up

And now for your moment of zen:

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  1. Linda & Steve Goldfarb says:

    Melissa, Peter & Irene,
    Sam looks AMAZING. He is growing before our eyes. We are so happy for you and of course your little man. WE can’t wait to meet him one day. Linda & Steve Goldfarb

  2. Linda & Steve Goldfarb says:

    And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IRENE!

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