Day 39: October 25

Well, according to Theresa this is going to be a big week for Mr. Sam.  A few major goals have been set for him, and if he can meet them, it would be fantastic!  Here are the goals, as I understand them:

  1. Advance to 15 MLs per feed
  2. Discontinue the Fat Emulsion
  3. Discontinue the HA (vitamin and nutrient supplements)
  4. Have the PICC line removed
  5. 3 cannula sprints a day for a total of 6 hours per day on the cannulas
  6. Once 6 hours a day on the cannulas can be tolerated, up the time on the cannulas until the CPAP is completely removed

So far, Sam have completed goals 1 and 2.  Goals 3 and 4 should be complete tomorrow.  Goal 5 is a work in progress, but he spent at least 4 hours on the cannula today… once in my arms and once in this guys arms:

Finally... after 5 weeks and 4 days Daddy finally holds his son!

From what I understand, Peter held Sam for an hour and 45 min and loved every second of it.  Its hard to believe it took this long to get him to hold Sam (yes- I know… I was selfish and didn’t share if Peter was visiting the hospital with me, so I am partly to blame…).  Anyway, I just decided that Irene and I needed a date, and Peter and Sam needed a date and some skin-to-skin time.  I am so glad it went well!

One thing I have learned in that past 39 days is that the NICU is filled with some pretty amazing and caring people.  As an example, Sam’s nurse last night, Lotte, heard that is was Irene’s birthday, and helped make Sam a special card for his big sister.  I wish Sam and Lotte could have seen the smile on Irene’s face when I brought her the card.  I don’t blame her.  I almost cried when I saw it:

So thoughtful and so not in the job description of a NICU nurse.

Overall, Sam is just continuing to make huge improvements.  His set of goals for the week are huge, but I have no doubt he will accomplish them.  Before I leave you with your moment of zen, I would like to share today’s portrait:

Portrait of Sam

Your moment of zen has been delayed due to a technical issue on YouTube…

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