Day 53: November 8

Today we did a little experiment.  We weighed Sam before putting him on the breast, and then weighed him again after he spent 30 minutes sucking.  Well… it is now official… I have a breastfeeding baby!  We were able to see a slight gain in weight in those 30 minutes- meaning Sam is not only latching and sucking, but swallowing!  Woo hoo!

Quick shot of Sam in his latest outfit

Air guitar

Now, being a Monday, our newly instituted mommy/daughter bonding night was in full effect.  I picked up Irene and let her pick our dinner spot… shock of all shocks we went to Viva Voce.  While there Irene wrote a little love note to her family:

While Mommy and Irene had fun, Daddy got to go to the hospital to visit Sam… which is our moment of zen:

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