Day 88: December 13

For the first time since October I didn’t get to see Sam today.  Aside from Irene still being really sick, I am now sick and not welcome in the NICU.  That means Sam spent the day with a bottle and no mom.  I guess the one benefit was Laura got to spend some good quality time with Sam and Irene got time with me.  As for the updates:

  1. Irene has an ear infection and a viral infection that has resulted in her needing antibiotics, ear drops and anti-nausea meds.  Her fever is still going strong, and she has not eaten in two days but her spirits are high
  2. I have a terrible sore throat.  Here is hoping that is as far as it will go and magically everything will fix itself tonight.
  3. Mr. Man is doing great.  He passed his hearing screening today and got his RSV vaccine this evening.  I have been asked to bring in his car seat so they can do the car seat study (where they ensure he can sit in a car seat without desating).  Basically, he is ready to go home except for having a brady last night and one today.

So, as of right now, the earliest we can go home is Saturday. So, everyone out there please cross all your fingers and toes that Sam has had his last brady!

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  1. Linda & Steve Goldfarb says:

    Every possible appendage is crossed!!

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