How one word can brighten my day

After a long 15.5 month slog, Sam has finally managed to say the one thing that every mother longs to hear: “Mama”.  For months (and I mean months) I have listened to Sam call me, the wall, Peter, his books, well, everything, “dada”.  I coached, I cajoled.  I did everything I could to get that boy to say “Mama”… but nothing.  Then, one day without warning, he crawls over to me, pulls himself up on my legs, looks me in the eye and says clear as day “Mama”.  I can’t tell you how quickly that made me cry.  Here we were, 15.5 months into our relationship and I was finally hearing my son call me “Mama”.  It was such a small thing, but one that has meant so much to me.

Now, Sam has expanded his vocabulary to include:

  • Gato (cat in Spanish) – and his first word
  • Dada
  • Down
  • Done
  • Up
  • Mama
  • i-ween (aka Irene)
  • da-per (diaper)

Sam’s personality is also really starting to shine.  He is a funny, vivacious little man.  I don’t know if it is wishful thinking on my part or not, but I really can see and feel my uncle Sam’s spirit living on in Sam.  He has a bit of his spunk, his defiance, and his charm.  God help us if he really follows in Sam’s footsteps!

Here are some photos from the past few weeks:

And just a few videos:

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