How to train a baby?

I have read all the books out there on sleep training, and I have to say I am at a loss.  Don’t get me wrong, Sam is a pretty good sleeper overall.  Most nights he will sleep around 12 hours. So, you may be asking yourself, what could I possibly be complaining about?

Well, two things really.  First, when we put Sam down for bed, he really doesn’t want to go.  Yes, we have a consistent routine every night where Sam is nursed, read a story and placed in his crib awake with his sound machine on.  There are nights when we do this, and it works out perfectly.  Then there are the nights where he start to cry about ten minutes after I have left the room.  If we leave him to cry for more than about 2 minutes, we will start to hear the gagging.  When I go in, Sam has stuck his hand down his throat and is now covered in vomit.  Of course, the crib and floor are covered as well.

So, I ask you dear readers, how the hell do you let a baby cry it out when every time you do so, he vomits!

Now, if that little trick wasn’t enough, four or five nights in a week, Sam will wake up at 1 am and start to cream and cry.  Now, we all know what happens when he starts crying… that’s right… vomit.  So now, we have the same issue.  We know we need to let him cry it out and learn to self soothe, however, that usually results in a crib and baby covered in vomit.

So, who out there has the solution- or at least would like to commiserate with me?  I know this can’t just be a preemie thing, can it?

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