Jan 15-Jan 28

Sam has done really well off of the additive. He is now 8 lbs 8 ozs and is having much less gas than he had been having. The best part is we are now down to one bottle a day and I am free from the pump! For the first time since Sept 16 I have not pumped for a full week!! Best. News. Ever!

We have also weathered (or are weathering) Sam’s first cold. It started on Sunday night when he managed to projectile vomit about 2 ounces of milk all over me and our bed. He is congested, has a cough, a bit of laryngitis and early signs of an ear infection in both ears. Luckily he has not had a fever and his lungs are clear. We are keeping him pretty isolated and have had him checked by the doctor twice and the home health nurse. Of course, I now have Sam’s cold… at least I will not have guilt about getting him sick!

With Sam’s big weight gain, we are now able to dress him in 0-3 month clothing. No more newborn duds for Mr. Man. Its nice to see him so big and in “real” boy cloths.

Here are a few pics from the week:

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