Day 2: September 18

Well- last night Sam had another great night, but mommy did not.  I managed to spike a fever up to 103.  They put me back on antibiotics and an IV and took enough blood to keep a vampire feed for a week.  We will keep our fingers crossed that the antibiotics will knock out whatever it is.  In the meantime, I am exhausted and either chilled or sweating up a storm.  Good times.

The only thing keeping me positive is the news on Sam.  He had been on dopamine to get his blood pressure up and today they told us it had been turned off.  Between the small blood transfusion he got overnight (nothing to worry about- apparently normal for preemies) and the dopamine, he had really stabilized and they felt he was ready to be off the drug.  The other piece of news is that the doctor is planning on taking Sam off the respirator tomorrow!  Apparently he is doing most of the breathing on his own, and the little air that he is getting is basically room air.  Aside from this being great new for Sam… it means I get to hold him tomorrow for the first time!!!!

Sam Day 2 - the hot sunglasses are to protect his eyes from the bilirubin lights

And for your viewing pleasure… as a reward for diaper changes or tests, they give Sam a breast milk swab on his gums.  He obviously likes it as in this video you can see he latches onto that qtip and does not want to let go:

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