Day 1: September 17

Sam had a really good night.  He was very stable and acclimated to his new surroundings with ease.  The big task of the day was for Irene to learn that she was now a big sister and for her to meet Sam.  The plan was for Peter to pick her up early from school and bring her to the hospital so we could give her the news.  Then, if she was up for it, we would take her into the NICU to meet Sam.

Our plan was to tell Irene first, show her some pictures so she would not be scared by all the tubes coming out of Sam, and the nurse had given us one of Sam’s diapers so she could see how small he is.  Irene took the news that she had a baby brother not sister better than I thought she would.  Her reaction to the diaper is priceless:

(If you are wondering what the strange sock-like thing sticking out of the top of my gown is… each baby has two lovies one that they sleep with and one that the mom sleeps with to get her scent on it.  Every morning we swap out my lovie for Sam’s.  This way, I am close to him even when I am not there.)

One of Sam's Lovies

After trying on the diaper Irene was really excited to see Sam, so we waked out to the NICU.  I was really impressed with how brave Irene was.  She had no fear- she just wanted to meet her little brother.  When we got into the NICU, she looked at the nurse, said “I’m a big sister” then asked if she could touch Sam.

All in all, Day 2 was a good day.  Here are a few images from Sam’s second day:

Sam's Info card

Nice day 1 body shot

Snuggled inside his incubator- which is kept at 80% humidity to protect his skin

Sleeping soundly

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