Day 0: September 16

My mom, Stephanie and Mike Ross, and Judy Rosenberg got to see Samuel as he was whisked off to the NICU.  My dad was getting a minute by minute report over the phone while he was out entertaining Irene.  The next few hours are a bit of a blur to me, but I do remember being taken upstairs to see my little man.  Luckily Peter was with Sam and captured these pictures and a movie of his first “bath”:

Sam's first picture

Better look at Sam's face

Close up look at Sam's face

Nice profile

Good look at Sam's head

Sam fron the side

Big hat... little head

And if those pictures are not enough to make you smile… here is the video of his first bath:

All of those pictures were taken before I got up there.  Finally, around 10 pm they wheeled me in to see Sam.

The first glimps mom gets of Sam

Scale- mom's hand to Sam's body

Here is what went on when mom got to see and touch Sam:

For those wondering about Sam’s name- here is the quick background:
SAMUEL: named for my mothers brother who was killed while riding his bicycle in 2004 as well as my father’s father- just an amazing man whom I admire and love.
WILLIAM: named after Peter’s father and my mother’s father

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