Day 38: October 24

This will be a quick post, as there was not much time to visit Sam today.  Between getting back from Sausalito and getting things ready for Irene’s birthday party, Sam had to take a back seat.  I didn’t even hold him today- which means he didn’t get to do a cannula sprint.  I guess I will just have to make tomorrow really count.

It looks like Sam is just trucking along.  He is now up to 11 MLs every 3 hours.  When he hits 12 MLs, they will turn off the Fat Emulsion (ick).  It is just one of the milestones he needs to reach.  The more they turn off, the sooner they can take his PICC line out.  The sooner the PICC line is out, the sooner we can play dress up with all the cute clothes Bennett has passed on to Sam (oh… and the risk of infection drops considerably).

Happy Sunday all.

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  1. Doug Jensen says:

    Melissa and Peter, greetings and best wishes from Fresburg–thanks to an alert from Joan Obra. So glad all of you are doing better.
    Abrazos, Doug and Carolyn

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