Day 36: October 22

First and foremost… i want to warn everyone that most likely there will be no update tomorrow, 10/23.  It is Peter’s birthday and a wedding reception for a friend, so Peter and I are actually taking a night off and going out.

Today was probably my favorite day to date.  Sam was doing well, I was feeling good, and the doctor suggested that while I was holding Sam, we should start to introduce the idea of “recreational breast feeding”.  Basically, put Sam down by the nipple and let him smell it and maybe even lick it.  So, about an hour and a half into our cuddle (yes- another cannula run too) we repositioned Sam so he was right at my nipple.

First, I am now positive that my nipple are currently bigger than Sam’s mouth!  Anyway, Sam gets down there, and you can see him sniffing, then he started to droll a tad and smacking his lips, then he stuck his tongue out to test the waters… and then he started to make sucking motions.  He was not latched or anything… but he was doing all the right things.  This was a really emotional moment for me, as I started to believe that he would one day be able to breast feed.  It also just felt very… motherly.  I can’t think of another word for it.

Overall- I held Sam on the nose cannulas for 2 and a half hours and he did great- no brady’s, only one desat, and a little recreational breast feeding.  Today ranks as mommy’s favorite day!

And now for your moment of hand sucking zen:

Sucking on my hand

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  1. Linda & Steve Goldfarb says:

    This is just the best news ever! Woooo Hooo for little Sam Man!

  2. Wendy Brainerd says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER! Hope the 2 of you have a great date day.
    Melissa, I can really relate to the almost nursing experience you had with Sam yesterday. Such a great feeling for you. Such a tiny step can bring such joy as a Mother. Hugs, Wendy

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