Day 35: October 21 (Sam is now 5 weeks old!)

So, no news is really good news.  Sam is just doing great.  They have upped his feeds to 7 MLs every 3 hours and tomorrow they will start to increase his feeds until Sam is up to 15 MLs every 3 hours or a grand total of 120 MLS (4 ozs) every day.  Once he reaches this milestone, the staff will look at taking out his PICC line and getting him off the CPAP completely.  Of course, the more he eats, the risk of NEC goes up.  NEC would be very very bad and very scary.  But, I am keeping a positive attitude and am focusing on only good news… like the fact that Sam is gaining weight (he now weights 2 LBS 6.2 OZS) and he is doing really well on his cannula sprints.

Here are some pics from today:

What Sam is thinking: Oh god no! Not another suppository.

Now that is love

Today's cannula cuddle

And now for your moment of zen:

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  1. Cousin Jen says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I’m following your blog daily (sometimes checking it multiple times a day!). Sam is so lucky to have you as a mom. Our warmest thoughts are always with you guys.

    Lots of love!

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