Day 44: October 30

Sam is doing great on the nose cannulas.  He has had only a few minor brady’s and desats- nothing to worry about.  His meals are up to 25 MLs a feed.  He is doing so well on them and gaining weight that they keep upping the limit they will take him to.  Sam is also a nice and chunky 2 lbs 11.2 ozs.  It is just so nice to see him looking so good!

The only draw back of the day was the banned nurse was assigned to Sam… AGAIN!  I have no idea how this keeps happening, and I am going to keep complaining until it stops.  At least this time I knew she was there before I arrived so I could adjust my schedule to get there near the end of her shift.  I wanted to just make 100% sure it was her before I started to raise a stink.  I asked to speak to the charge nurse and voiced my displeasure with having this nurse assigned to my son after I had lodged a number of complaints.  The charge nurse was pretty mortified about the situation, and promised to make sure it didn’t happen again.  I have to hope that this will be it.  If she is with Sam tomorrow I might just loose it!

This seems like a good time for the moment of zen – Sam zonked out post 2 hour cuddle session:

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  1. Melissa, he looks awesome! I keep meaning to ask you about the tube in his mouth. Is that his feeding tube, taped to him at all times?

    Looks like that PDA surgery did the trick for little Sam. (Knock on wood!)

    • melragent says:

      Yes. That is his feeding tube. As he continues to grow, they will chain that tube out to be a thinner one and run it through his nose as opposed to in his mouth. Not sure when that will happen.

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