Day 45: October 31 (Happy Halloween)

Good news!  The bad nurse was not with Sam today- one of our favorites, Gaye was!  Phew!  I was so worried that we were going to have a problem today, but Gaye to the rescue.  My favorite thing was, when I called Gaye to see how Sam was doing, she had so little to say, that we talked more about Sam’s room mate who was having a rough day.  I think that is a really good sign that my kid was so uneventful there was nothing to day about him 🙂

I did manage to get a great picture to show you Sam’s size (and his wonderful blond hair):

That is my hand that his head is resting on

And here is today’s portrait:

Portrait - October 31

And, for a change of pace, today’s moment of zen features Irene and her authentic Spanish flamenco outfit:

Happy Halloween

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  1. Love the beautiful hair! BTW Roman would really love to see Ms. Irene dance on video in her dress. He was very upset that the still image didn’t play. But l

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