Day 46: November 1

To quote Theresa, this will be a pretty boring week for Sam… we hope.  There is very little planned for Sam.  I think they just want to let him have a week to just grow and thrive.  I believe the term used to describe Sam in the NICU is he is now a “grower and feeder”.  So, these are the few activities planned for this week:

  1. Conduct the first eye exam: Completed on 11/1.  The results showed that his eyes were normal- but immature.  They will continue to test his eyes, but so far so good
  2. Reduce the volume on the cannula from 3 liters to 2: Completed on 11/1.
  3. Do another head and abdomen ultrasound: Scheduled for Thursday

So, with nothing else to report, I guess I will just have to rely on a 3 photo montage moment of zen… enjoy:

ps.  Go Giants!

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  1. Jennifer Lieberman says:

    Wow! I don’t read the blog for a week, and when I check back in, Sam is bigger, healthier looking, rocking the cannula. Go, Sam!! And that photo of Irene in her flamenco outfit is maybe her best photo ever. I love it, and her smile is radiant. I hope you all get to relax a little this week. Big X and O.

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