Day 48: November 3

Sam had his first vaccinations today.  The state of California requires all babies, regardless of gestational age, to be vaccinated for pertussis by the 6th week of life.  So, poor little Sam got stuck with a needle today.  Amazingly enough, he didn’t seem to notice!  Sucrose can be used in babies as a natural anesthetic.   A few drops on the tongue before a shot and some babies are so blissed out they don’t even notice.  What a shame it doesn’t last forever.  Imagine how much easier the flu shot would be if you could have some sucrose before the shot and not feel a thing.

Other than that, today was a “boring” day.  All he did was sleep and eat.  Apparently eating is something Sam does well, as he now weighs 2 lbs 14 ozs.  We are going to hit that 3 lb mark any day now!

And here we have your moment of zen:

Sam likes to move around, so he has slipped off his bed and was in this funny position when I arrived. For those wondering, his bed is like a water bed and the nurses call it a surfboard.

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  1. Linda Goldfarb says:

    Mr Sam is beginning to look a tad chubby!! FANTASTIC!

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